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2023 Confessions

January is a month that is associated with new starts, resolutions and goal setting. While I pride myself on accomplishing any goal that I set for myself, I recently realized that I've been harboring a secret. I never fully share my goals aloud before I confirm that the goal can and will be actualized. Keeping my core desires a secret has not been an intentional practice, however when I recently posted about my 2023 goal of publishing my first book this year, it dawned on me that I was playing it safe. As I reflect within, I realize that I feel more in control when I share information and plans that I am confident that I can and will execute.

In fairness to myself, anything that that I consider a hope or aspiration can be deemed a "goal" however I am going to push myself to dig a little deeper. Starting this year, I will share something that I strongly and deeply want to fulfill. As I write this, I feel a bit nervous sharing this out loud but I want to stretch myself and I plan to do things outside of my comfort zone this year.

I've announced that my 2023 goal is to publish my first manuscript. While this effort will take time, money and effort, its a given that it will come to fruition. My true 2023 goal is publish a book that inspires and motivates those that read it and that pushes me to my higher purpose. (amen)

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