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The Right Direction

I was driving to work the other day and was caught up in my thoughts. I nearly missed my turn onto the highway but at the last minute, I was able to course correct and make my turn. As I drove along, it dawned on me that my near miss can be compared to life in general. Sometimes we think we know where we are going and zone out a bit and allow ourselves to coast along. At some point, something occurs that jolts us to attention and makes us realize that we need to do something to get on track because somehow we have missed the mark.

Don't miss the signs. Don't get too comfortable, coasting along. Pay attention to the calling, course correct and get to your destination.

Are you on the right path? Are you ready for a change? Do you feel unfulfilled? Take time to reflect and plan. 2023 is fresh and new. Take advantage of the new year and do something about it- TODAY!

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