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High Value Leader

Are you a high value leader? You bring a unique set of skills, competences and talents to your organization. You get things done without missing a beat. Senior leaders, peers and staff know that they can rely on you to think of innovative ideas and know that you have the follow through and resolve to stay par the course during difficult implementations. You bring an intensity that is coupled with a contagious energy that makes those around you want to join in and follow your charge. You following me?

If this is not you, it can be you! Leadership is 80% attitude and drive and 20% skill. Anybody can have technical know how and business savvy but not just anyone can develop, grow and nurture teams. It's a calling for some but it can be taught. Leaders demonstrate the competencies that they desire from their employees. Leaders are the same in the boardroom, in the office and at the water cooler. They are authentic, loyal and lead with integrity.

High value leaders work hard to be seen in the best light because they want to motivate, inspire and lead with excellence. Is this you? Do you want this to be you? Start being intentional about how you want to be seen in the workplace. This can be done by developing a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) dedicated to your leadership competencies. Consistency, drive, dedication and agility is the key to success. Start today!

-Dr Dawkins

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