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How bad do you want to be the person that you know you can be? Have you ever felt a burning in the pit of your stomach that makes you uncomfortable and you don't know why? We often ignore our callings and delay our passion projects because we don't think we have all the information or the ability to 'pull it off.' What would happen if we just ignored the uncomfortable feeling and decided to do it anyway?!

Challenge yourself in the next 30 days to not only think outside of the box BUT to do something outside of your comfort zone. It doesn't have to be something drastic but the goal is to push yourself to go a bit further than you would normally go. Speak up in a meeting, share something new about yourself with a colleague, approach a potential mentor, volunteer to teach someone something, take a class, give your honest opinion, the list goes on. It takes practice to get uncomfortable and it takes determination and persistence to get into a mode of satisfying your secret desires and starting new things.

You don't need validation to do something new. You don't need to wait until someone else tries it first. You don't need to research a topic until you are blue in the face, you just need to DO IT ANYWAY! And if you aren't satisfied with the outcome of your first attempt, consider it a practice run and do it again- I bet it will get easier with time.

Don't be afraid to be relentless!

-Dr Dawkins

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